First Led Zeppelin Cover In American Idol History

Until American Idol Season 8 Top 4 round on May 5, 2009, no permission had been given to a contestant to cover a Led Zeppelin song. In fact, Adam had prepared an Aerosmith cover for the Rock-themed round. But then he received a last-minute permission to perform "Whole Lotta Love" instead. He went first.


Everyone at the judges table loved it. Simon Cowell: "...It was, actually, one of my favorite performances you've ever done. The only problem is... nobody can top that now."


We don't track any Full Circle Moments related to this song at the moment, but we probably should. Not only did Adam perform "Whole Lotta Love" as the opening number of his "American Idol Live" tour set, he ended up reimagining it for one of his first live concerts - the now legendary "Fantasy Springs" show on February 27, 2010. According to his speech at the end of the song, he came up with the new arrangement while driving to the concert venue, and the band basically did it live without rehearsals. Watch the multi-camera fan edit below: