From Elvis Karaoke Tape To NBC Comeback Special

In December 1988 (as far as we can tell, as Adam merely recollects being "6 or 7"), Adam's Grandma bought him a Hanukkah present - a Karaoke machine, including an Elvis cassette. Years later Adam learned that the voice on the tape wasn't the real Elvis, but nevertheless this gift was the beginning of his decades-long fascination with the King as a singer and icon.

On February 17 2019, some 30 years and two months later (or approx. 11,000 days), Adam appeared on TV to pay tribute to the legendary singer as part of the 50 years anniversary celebration of the 1968 "Elvis Comeback Special".

While we cannot be completely sure of the exact number of days due to the vagueness of its starting point, two things are clear: It is the longest Full Circle Arc we currently track, and the NBC performance felt like a Full Circle Moment to Adam himself, according to this AP interview: